K-MUG UG session 31st May 2013

One more technology event went great and I am really excited to see the success. We were able to create a Big Data and Analysis vibe, I believe. Hospitality provided by Orion India Systems was really great and all speakers did an excellent job.

My session was about “Big Data and Microsoft” which I think I was able to successfully deliver what I have intended. Slides of my presentation are available here.

We had three new speakers on board (but old K-Mug members):

  • Anuraj Parameswaran– Introduction to Xamarin
  • Krishnakumar – MS SQL Server In-Memory OLAP Engine
  • Sagar Bhupalam – Regression Analysis

And Praseed Pai was on his usual style with  a surprise topic – Archetypes





Microsoft APS – PolyBase explained

URL: http://www.sqlservercentral.com/blogs/jamesserra/2014/02/18/polybase-explained/

PolyBase is a new technology that integrates Microsoft’s MPP product, SQL Server Parallel Data Warehouse (PDW), with Hadoop.

It is designed to enable queries across relational data stored in PDW and in non-relational Hadoop data that is stored in the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS), bypassing Hadoop’s MapReduce distributed computing engine that is typically used to read data from HDFS.  You can create an external table in PDW that references Hadoop data and you can then query it with SQL, in essence adding structure to un-structured data.  So you can:

  1. Retrieve data from HDFS with a PDW query that will even allow that data to be joined to native PDW relational tables so that Hadoop and SQL PDW can be queried in tandem, with result sets that integrate data from each source
  2. You can import data from HDFS to PDW
  3. You can export data from PDW to HDFS (for example, as a backup strategy).

Redirect to links on random – client side

Below code will force anchor tag to direct to two different URLs on random.

$(function () {
$(“#url”).attr(“href”, (((Math.floor(Math.random() * 9) % 2) == 0) ? “http://blah.org/” : http://blee.org/));

<a href=”http://blah.org/results” id=”url” target=”_blank”>Click Here</a>


Using F# for Data Science

If you are also curious like me in Data Analysis technologies, you will definitely like this project. Still evolving but is worth learning and working on it.


F# is an excellent solution for programmatic data science as it combines efficient execution with powerful libraries and scalable data integration.

More links: