Explain Design/Anti pattern to a Grandma

I usually take the example of Paracitamol when I have to explain the Software Development philosophy – What is Design Pattern and Anti Pattern? – to the audience who are relatively new to the field.

Praveen: When you get fever, what is the first thing you do?

Audience: Paracitamol

Praveen: Yes, we usually consume “Paracitamol tabs” when you get fever or headache. This is a design pattern because we do this regularly which is a pattern.

Praveen: Now, after a long time, due to over consumption of Paracitamol, what will you get?

Audience: hmm… Liver damage?

Praveen: Exactly! So, now that design pattern became an “Anti Pattern”


Difference between a Manager and a Leader

Have you noticed the managers or leaders who you admire are mostly at the top of the ladder and their promotions are faster than others? Well, I have witnessed many.

Around 13 years back, I joined a company in Trivandrum Technopark and after three months I was struck with a database problem. Someone called me on the phone and I still feel bad that I told him “I am a bit busy with another module so let us talk later”. Next day he called me again in the Morning in the same time, around 11:00 AM and we had discussed about the issue and I got the solution in five minutes which I was struggling for 2-3 days. It took more than one month for me to realize it was the CEO of the company and he was in United States an official trip. He did not show his power that time even though it was his company and I was yet to cross the probation period.

My first ever manager was like a friend, who is again a CEO and Director of the company and I reported directly to him because it was a small company of approx. 15 employees. From US, everyday he used to ping me on Yahoo Messenger and say “Good Morning Praveen, whats up?”. Whenever he comes to the office on vacation, we used to sit and used to talk about websites, UI design etc. I was recruited as a “System Administrator” but with his encouragement and freedom, I was able to learn more about technology and was able to get a title of “Software Developer” and redesigned company’s logo and website, that too with private secure file-transfer facilities since the company’s main revenue stream was medical transcription. I have developed a voice player also that time and I was very glad to see all the transcriptionists quickly changed their ordinary voice player with my innovation 🙂

My second manager, again a CEO of a small incubator company in Technopark , used to force me to read “IBM Red Books” which helped me to start the habit of reading and writing. I still remember his words in a team meeting – “If you don’t work and still get paid, I don’t mind because I will get that money from some other sources even without me knowing. But what you are doing will be an injustice to yourself”.

Ok, now… what made me write this blog now? A recent incident…

One Manager: You should come now! I have another meeting so you take a break from your meeting and meet me.

Another Manager: Before you leave, please come to my room. I have something to talk. I can come to first floor.

And this second manager happened to be superior to the first manager. I think I should do a case study why managers/leaders on top of the ladder are always humble, consider others as humans, respect others, do not use strong words, do not hurt with words or actions, guide and mentor, giving not only feedback but also suggestions to overcome etc.