Loading and saving data in QlikView for beginners

How to LOAD data from a text file?

Assume your text file looks like this. Where, col1 and col2 are the column names. I call the file as “testtbl.txt”.


The script to load data from QlikView will be:

If you have a Table Box UI element in the sheet it will display like this when you reload:


How to save data from QlikView to a QVD file?

Assuming, from the above example we have data already in “testtbl” variable. Use this statement to store the data to a physical QVD file.

You can see a physical file in desk with name “test.qvd” is created. If you try to open the file in notepad, you can see an XML format data.


How to read data from QVD file?

Reading is similar to reading text files. But only difference is, you have to tell QlikView that this is a QVD file.

LOAD col1,col2 FROM test.qvd (qvd);

Note the “(qvd)” in the statement. Otherwize this will not work.