QlikView – open a specific sheet / dashboard via command line

STEP 1: Get the Sheet ID of the QlikView document. You can also modify the sheet name.

Settings  –> Sheet Properties –> Sheet ID


STEP 2: Set the “OnOpen” Trigger in document properties and set the variable to Sheet ID.

Let us assume a variable name “SHEET” in this example.

Settings –> Document Properties –> Triggers –> Actions –> [Document Event Triggers] OnOpen –> Edit Actions –> Add –> Activate Sheet –> type value “=SHEET


STEP 3: You are ready for the show. Use the command qv.exe <doc.qvw> /v<sheetid>

In my example this needs to be “d:Program FilesQlikViewQv.exe” test.qvw /vSHEET=1