How to create .htaccess on windows?

If you try to type .htaccess (or any filename with . (dot) prefixing, you will get this error:


Solution: Just suffix one dot at the end of file name. like “.htaccess.”

image  Now it becomes => image

Now, don’t ask me why you want such a file in windows. It’s up to you.


Open compose mail dialog from .NET

I do not consider this as a straight forward method, but will work in most cases, provided the machine you run is having a “default” mail application. Eg: Outlook.



Fix: WAMPServer URL not working in other machines

Open httpd.conf file, search for <Directory xxx> tag. There will be:

Deny from all

change it to

Allow from all

then restart WAMP. Done!

Note: if phpMyAdmin show forbidden, then you will have to do this in  phpmyadmin.conf file which is usually in x:wampalias folder


WebAPI POST value always null?

Do you have value always null for POST in WebAPI?

public string Post([FromBody]string value){}?


It is a known WebAPI issue. Use the jQuery POST function like this: